Transform data into actionable insight for operational efficiencies, customer experience, network management & operations.

gen-E OpsCenter Intelligence is a business intelligence platform providing automated mediation, advanced analytics and a real-time dashboard view into overall business health and performance. The advanced analytics software solution combines data from various sources across the entire business, then tracks and measures overall performance against a full library of key performance indicators (KPIs) derived from industry standards and best practices.

“OpsCenter Intelligence looks at the aggregated data, adds context to the data streams on how it impacts each other, and provides a top down business perspective on what is happening in the environment and the reasons behind it to see how and what needs to be done to adjust the KPI.”

Kaiden Zachary – Network Operations Manager

Make Sense of the Tidal Wave of Data

Big data is a key corporate asset where companies look to extract valuable information. It impacts customer relationships, redefines product development and changes the way businesses are run. The hurdle with big data is that while there are many great technologies to pull together the multitude of different sources and enable the processing of structured or unstructured data sets, context is needed to make sense of the data by determining how the data relates to each other, what the source is and whether or not it is valid.

Manage Complex Business Environments

Silos between departments and systems create obstacles and lack of insight into how the overall business is performing, limit ability to measure or track service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), prolong time to market for new services and limit visibility into how one team’s decisions will impact other areas of the business. Swivel-chair management of separate systems and over-dependence on manual systems and spreadsheets result in costly mistakes, redundancies and delays.

Understand What is Happening and Why

Is the network performing optimally? What is it costing me to manage all this data? Is the network able to handle various marketing campaigns based on past performance and how the infrastructure handled it before? How is that product performing in the market? gen-E OpsCenter Intelligence automates the retrieval and analysis of all corporate data – not just network and IT systems. The visualization of network and customer KPIs across an organization provides powerful advanced analytical intelligence for executives and business unit heads.

Improve the Health and Performance of Business

With an adaptable, integrated platform that provides agility and easy access to business data across the organization, enterprises and telecommunication service providers can manage the complexity of business to not only improve the health and performance of their organization but also differentiate themselves in the market.

Improve business efficiency and effectiveness

Reduce manual requirements and time to market for new services and major process improvements with more control and visibility.

Spend quality time managing the business as opposed to post-event reactive measures for poor performance.

Eliminate redundancy, reduce costs and increase profitability

Reduce operational expenditures by eliminating redundant tools and minimizing manual engagement through automation.

Proactively reduce downtime that can lead to lost revenue and subscriber defection.

Use customer data to create new sources of revenue through targeted content and advertising.

Transform data into actionable business insight

Transform data to focus on operations from a customer and service centric perspective to improve the customer experience across all touch points throughout the organization.

Improve the effectiveness of customers’ marketing campaigns and allow them to build loyalty with normalized and optimized customer data.

Unlock the unique corporate assets contained within customer data to create greater competitive differentiation.

Improve the customer experience with a true unified view

Unify all customer and network data to create a more unified customer experience across the organization and effectively predict and manage customer churn.

Get a 360 view of the customer to control KPI’s that improve customer loyalty.

Monitor customers’ quality of service and provide near-real-time insight into service performance to take pro-active actions.

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We got to go deep on IBM's leading strategy for #AI and #cloud at IBM #FastStart2020 last week, while sharing how #OpsCenterAIOps leverages IBM #OpsManagement to optimize operations.

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