Free Your Smart People to do Smart Things

As the state of our industry undergoes a seismic shift, an alphabet soup of high-tech acronyms is redefining a rapidly approaching future of work. Artificial intelligence (AI), Intellectual Automation (IA) robot process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT)… these technology trends are driving increasing automation across every aspect of Operations. Applying automation to perform manual, repetitive tasks leads to significant cost savings, which some perceive to only be in the form of reduced headcount. In reality, we see companies freeing up the time of highly skilled IT and Network Operations staff to do more smart things that provide significant benefits to both the staff and the company.

Keep the Smart People from Becoming Needlessly Specialized

Modern infrastructures are vast and complicated. Historically, technologies that successfully tracked airline reservations, bank accounts, and utility utilization were amazing. Today, these functions are just a small piece of an ever-expanding application landscape that grows more complicated every day. The amount of work required just to do little things is significant and, as a result, we’ve become more specialized. It makes sense; no one person can know or do everything.

But, this specialization isn’t without risk. As we become more segmented, we see less of the big picture, and begin to work on auto-pilot. Many of your smartest engineers spend so much time executing repetitive tasks out of necessity, under the gun to “get it done.” As their focus narrows, so do their minds, unable to elevate their thinking to see the big picture.

Maintain the Smart People’s Creativity

When industrialization eradicated agriculture jobs that employed almost 75% of the population, we dreamed up new ways to keep our fellow humans working. We intersected the country with highways. We traveled the skies in flying buses. It’s amazing what we can do when we’re given the time to ponder greater things.

Freeing up your smart people’s time to focus on more complex business issues allows them to spend more time contemplating how to leverage additional data sources to improve network performance, enhance new service offerings, and deliver higher quality service to internal and external customers.

Allow the Smart People to Prepare Your Company for the Future

Fire-fighting the repetitive daily assaults on your systems is not the key to success in the digital era. The competitive advantage of your operations is its ability to absorb and adjust to constant change. Technology advancements are rampant, and IT and Network experts must have the bandwidth to support the business growth strategy.

At gen-E, our smart people have developed a way to help your smart people in their quest to do smart things with an AIOps platform designed to make Netcool more effective. gen-E OpsCenter surrounds and enhances Netcool with advanced analytics and machine learning applied to both structured and unstructured data in your environment, to provide deeper insights into performance without hours and hours of manual labor.

Automation means doubling down on humanity, using our most precious resources wisely. By freeing smart people from the repetitive, mundane tasks they used to have to do, often grudgingly, there is an alphabet soup that will let them focus on things that form the core of their job: the stuff that only a really smart person can do.

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We got to go deep on IBM's leading strategy for #AI and #cloud at IBM #FastStart2020 last week, while sharing how #OpsCenterAIOps leverages IBM #OpsManagement to optimize operations.

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