IBM Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights

Operations Analytics Predictive Insights can provide early problem detection for application, middleware or infrastructure problems before they impact service.

Early problem detection

Dynamic configuration

Automatic relationship discovery

Real time analysis


gen-E implements Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights (OA-PI) to deliver its Performance Manager of Managers capabilities through cognitive machine learning by automatically, dynamically, and continuously managing thresholds for IT operational performance data. Enabling the shift from reactive IT operations to proactive IT operations, OA-PI provides automatic anomaly detection and advanced cognitive insights to IT staff investigating the detected anomalies. These capabilities provide significant reductions in mean-time-to-repair and proactive outage avoidance.

Run more efficiently and boost your bottom line with a Network Health Check

3 Critical Steps to Improve the Health of Your Operations

If you aren’t sure whether you are getting optimal performance from your Network or IT Operations, one of our certified consultants can help make sure your systems are running at peak performance during our proprietary 3-Step Health Check.

1. Set Goals

We’ll work with you to both document your current state, and identify the ideal state of people, processes and tools related to your IT or network operations environment given your overall corporate objectives.

2. Gap Analysis

We’ll perform a gap analysis to determine the space between your current and desired state, prioritizing our findings to help you achieve an optimal system.

3. Map to Success

Our experts deliver a road map with a staged approach to optimization of your operations with prioritized recommendations for process and tool improvements for a quick route to ROI.

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