By aggregating and analyzing disparate types of data across your organization, InfiniView helps you understand the health and performance of your business in real time.

By aggregating, analyzing and dash boarding data from various sources across the entire business, InfiniView bridges organizational silos and presents a near real-time view of all measurable metrics.  Executives and business unit leaders gain insight into how initiatives and day-to-day activities in one department impact other departments as well as the performance of the business as a whole.

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“InfiniView provides the business with accurate and dependable forecasting data from technical and business areas for better insights into overall health unlike other solutions which provide only operational data or require customizations.”

When you deploy InfiniView KPI Analytics, you take advantage of gen-E’s nearly two decades of data analysis and aggregation expertise in telco and enterprise to help you:

  1. Anticipate and exceed customer expectations: KPI Analytics’s deep and broad view into the efficacy of activities and initiatives across the business help you make more informed decisions about how your customers will be impacted.
  2. Improve business efficiency: By reducing manual data aggregation and analysis, and getting staff out of reactionary mode, you can get products and services to market faster and improve processes with more control and visibility.
  3. Gain a competitive edge: Start utilizing big data from across your organization faster so system upgrades are faster, customer issues are resolved more quickly, and campaigns are more effective; making your organization more nimble and more competitive in your space.
  4. Gain greater business insight: Unlock the unique corporate assets contained within customer and business data to create greater competitive differentiation and improve the customer experience.
  5. Get a truly unified view: Gain a real-time, end-to-end view to all customer and network data from across the entire business, for a more unified customer experience across the organization.



Advanced Analytics and Virtual Networks

Monitoring NFV is complex. Service Providers want to eliminate surprises associated with virtualized networks, but there is a lack of real-time data across legacy & next gen networks, which increases planning time and creates inefficiencies with resource allocation. The InfiniView dashboard gives you visibility across all data layers.



Managing the Complexities of Technology Migration

The move to SDN and NFV is introducing new challenges to telecom and enterprise organizations as they try to analyze and visualize data from across legacy and virtual networks. Watch how InfiniView can monitor and analyze the performance of both virtual and non-virtual networks.



Minimizing customer attrition post merger

Mergers and acquisitions causes significant challenges for service providers. These major activities require the instrumentation and analysis of an array of areas across the new enterprise in order to both maintain or improve current service levels and systems and to provide improved performance and support .

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

gen-E InfiniView enables customers to gain greater visibility into the health and performance of their business through an advanced analytics software solution.

  • Provides a 360° view of the customer and the opportunity to control KPI’s to improve customer loyalty
  • Allows the business owners to focus on operations from a customer and service centric perspective
  • Monitors customers’ quality of service, and provide near-real-time insight into service performance
  • Spans across network and IT domains
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