Unified Service Assurance and IT Service Management

for companies with large, complex networks

Maximize Your Investment in IBM Netcool with OpsCenter 

For companies with large, complex networks, OpsCenter Service Assurance surrounds and enhances existing environments

with scalable data processing, advanced analytics and machine learning.


Data Collection and Distribution Platform

Collects and manages large amounts of critical network and situational data for multiple protocols with a more modern solution architecture that ingests far greater quantities of data in less time, improving the flow of data between various Network/IT Operations Systems and other OSS/BSS environments.

Advanced Analytics for Service Assurance

Search-driven analytics leveraging machine-generated, user-created and situational data. OpsCenter Analyze captures, indexes and analyzes the full lifecycle history of every network event, applying machine learning to quickly glean valuable insights without supervision.

“It is impressive the amount of knowledge and experience that gen-E has. They understood the needs of our business and how to best incorporate the right software for our growing network.”

Kaiden Zachary – Network Operations Manager

When you implement gen-E OpsCenter, you take advantage of nearly two decades of service assurance expertise that will help you:

  • Extend existing investments in technology with a cost-effective approach to network transformation
  • Improve efficiency with Javascript rules files and centralized rule management
  • Gain greater data access and real-time insights
  • Reduce alerts and operational ‘Noise’: simplified network operations by reducing the ‘noise’ without sacrificing data
  • Identify issues faster with real-time event streams and machine learning driven analytics
  • Affirm future scalability with simple connector development and support to disparate management systems

Heritage of Service Assurance Excellence

gen-E OpsCenter™ – powered by Elastic and IBM Netcool – helps telecommunications and enterprise organizations deliver outstanding service assurance visualization, control and automation to their customers through real-time prediction, monitoring and optimization of the service.

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