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What’s Keeping you up at night?
Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep—can you sleep at all? We know what’s keeping today’s CIO up at night.

Businesses all over the world run on applications and data. Your business does as well. The success of your business relies on your IT infrastructure and network because they support and carry the applications that represent the lifeblood of your company. How to keep things up and running, connected, responsive, and relevant could be keeping you
up at night.

But keeping it all working like clockwork is so much more than just uptime.

Are these like little voices in your head?

  • Customers are expecting—no, demanding more—and those expectations must be met if you’re going to stay in business.
  • You must manage the explosive growth of data and applications while preserving service levels and continuing to meet those customer expectations.
  • You need to focus on cost control and ROI while ensuring no sacrifice in quality, responsiveness, or performance.
  • You must minimize risk to existing operations and ensure security while evaluating and incorporating emerging technologies into your IT environment.
  • And you need to be ready to transform—quickly—to reshape your operating models while also reshaping the experience you bring to your customers.

Silencing these voices is critical to your survival as a CIO, but how do you ensure the right outcomes in today’s environment? What are the right sets of options needed to transform your IT environment to make it flexible, composable, and scale at will? How do you create an environment that allows your IT infrastructure to be agile and react quickly? How do you manage in a hybrid world? What about IT decisions needed to drive competitive differentiation?

No wonder you can’t sleep!

Today’s CIO has many questions, and the answers lie in areas like optimizing decisions with insights, embracing agility to accelerate your IT transformation, and managing your hybrid environment.

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gen-E and IBM are hosting an IBM ITSM Workshop on Achieving Smarter IT Operational Awareness at the IBM Atlanta Technic...
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