Pipeline Magazine embraces network silos, alongside service assurance software, gen-E® Ops Center™, vs. the “rip and replace” mantra of OSS/BSS companies.

gen-E, a leading Service Assurance Software and Professional Services company for Service Providers and companies with large, complex networks, commented today on being featured in Pipeline magazine.  The article focused on the need to manage legacy network silos with control and insight at a network layer above all of the individual silos vs. the “rip and replace” utopian state propagated by OSS/BSS companies.  

Scott St. John, Publisher and Managing Editor of Pipeline magazine, as well as author and speaker on topics related to communication service providers (CSPs), penned an article in this month’s issue of Pipeline titled “Love Your Silos”.  The article focused on the significant challenges and opportunities facing CSPs and how gen-E® Ops Center™ enables better proactive customer experience management by leveraging insights and controls that work at a network layer above all of the individual silos.

“The emergence of new technologies and key technical trends such as the adoption of open source standards, big data analytics, virtual networks and network functions (SDN and NFV) are changing the game. Perhaps, more importantly, the idea that most top-tier service providers can simply break down their silo walls is a bit of a myth” says Mr. St. John.

In today’s data-driven and increasingly virtual environment, Pipeline magazine’s Executive Editor asserts that “Service providers need to leverage a combination of both new and legacy resources from disparate silos to be competitive in today’s marketplace and improve their customers’ experience.  It would be practically impossible, and arguably irresponsible, for most service providers to “rip and replace” existing systems that fundamentally work and support key business and network functions.”  Mr. St. John adds “The idea that service providers can actually tear down their existing silos is more of a utopian notion that has been propagated by megalithic OSS/BSS companies and the pundits that cover this space than reality today”.

“Service providers are still tethered down by legacy networks and legacy operational constructs on how they manage the service.  Core network, transport network, access network, and data services are still dominant silos in the operational construct of service providers”, commented Marc Hayden, Worldwide VP, Sales & Marketing.  Validating the Pipeline article, Hayden added “While the network is evolving and the access to data is growing, the service providers’ ability to take action on that data has not kept pace. To do that, service providers have to fundamentally redesign their policies, processes, and procedures around network operations. They have to start looking at network management from the service perspective.”

Pipeline Magazine’s article noted that even simple business services, such as providing real-time reporting about the status of enterprise network services and devices, requires the ability to aggregate data from multiple sources, look at the end-to-end service and dependencies, and quickly identify and address service issues down to the network level.  The ability to present this information and provide in-depth control to a business customer’s IT department in an intuitive portal can be a key competitive differentiator in a market where self-service is table stakes; and lack thereof is not only a customer deterrent, but can bloat inefficiencies and inhibit scalability. In a competitive climate where customer expectations are that issues will be addressed almost immediately, precious time can be quickly consumed by simply trying to identify which customers are impacted by a network issue, let alone resolving it.

Of particular note to Pipeline is that gen-E is taking a unique approach to solving this problem by baking service-level KPIs and SLA management into its gen-E Ops Center, which resides at the service layer. Since there is an inherent relationship between the KPIs and SLA requirements, Ops Center provides separate visualization of each (KPI and SLA management) with underlying algorithms to perform the calculations and relationship determinations.  These SLA templates can then be reused, particularly for any SLA criteria that fall outside of industry-standard KPIs.

Mr. Hayden of gen-E adds “We look at KPIs by the type of service and network. Those standards-based industry KPIs will be preconfigured in gen-E Ops Center so the deployment timeframe will be significantly reduced and a service provider that doesn’t understand or isn’t cognizant of the specific KPIs, can leverage the industry’s best practices.  gen-E Ops Center is specifically designed to help service providers move up to the service layer and refine their operational process so they can have end-to-end visibility of the service and industry standard KPIs, and then push actions down to their existing silos for proactive remediation”.


As a leading Service Assurance software and professional services company for Service Providers and companies with large, complex networks, gen-E enables clients to dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver higher quality service by providing greater visibility, control and automation of their operational systems.

gen-E offers network software and systems solutions to better manage a broad spectrum of service industry infrastructures, to provide a singular view into the health and performance of a customer’s entire IT and business infrastructure, integrating and consolidating tools and events across business, data center and network operations.

As an IBM Premiere Partner with the highest number of IBM AAA accreditations and IBM Tivoli certifications in the competitive field, gen-E has deep industry knowledge and extensive experience servicing regional and Fortune 500 companies across the North America and EMEA.

gen-E is a part of The Lotus Innovations fund portfolio of enterprise technology companies focused on provided Enterprise IT Professional services and products as Saas-based solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide.


gen-E Ops Center provides enhanced fault management developed specifically for Service Providers, based on best-of-breed industry standards.   gen-E empowers clients to seamlessly assimilate acquisitions, as well as roll out network upgrades and services in a controlled, systematic, and efficient manner.  Scaling business for Service Providers without scaling infrastructure is a key element of gen-E’s solutions.


The Lotus Innovations Fund, located in Irvine, California, is a private equity fund focused on transforming Enterprise IT Professional Services companies into SaaS-based companies.  By operationalizing a repeatable process with Lotus Innovations’ proprietary methodology and embedded management, the fund creates a new paradigm that accelerates growth and valuations.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Linda Ritchie at +1 949-565-3030 or email at linda@lotus-innovations.com.

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