Business Service Providers

Create new revenue streams & grow your business by leveraging Gen-E’s cloud, mobile, social, & data analytics software solutions.

Run more efficiently and boost your bottom line with a gen-E Health Check

3 Critical Steps to Improve the Health of Your Network Operations Center

If you aren’t sure whether you are getting optimal performance from your IBM Systems Middleware investment, one of our certified consultants can help make sure your systems are running at peak performance during our proprietary 3-Step Health Check.

1. Analyze

Our experts analyze and document the current state of the IT or network operations tools, processes, policies and procedures currently in place and identify weaknesses in your system.

2. Set Goals

We’ll work with you to identify the ideal state of people, processes and tools related to your IT or network operations environment given your overall company’s goals and objectives.

3. Map Success

We’ll create a map showing the difference between your networks current state and the desired state with a clear outline of how we will help you achieve an optimal system.

Business Service Providers (BSPs) are challenged to maintain high quality of service while controlling costs.

With a comprehensive portfolio of offerings and marketing support, Gen-E is uniquely able to help BSPs drive new revenue growth with their clients. Our TMForum Frameworx & IBM Systems Middleware experts deliver services and solutions that give you a holistic view of operations and real-time insight into system performance.

Optimize Resources

gen-E managed services provides real-time management of outsourced data centers, network VPN services, and other back-office operations to offload tasks from your own IT resources.

Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs

Transform your business to cloud-based delivery which can significantly lower costs.

Delight and Retain Customers

Improve quality of service, expedite issue resolution and deliver new services while meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Turn a Cost Center into a Profit Center

Provide customers with visualizations, reporting and buyer behavior with our portfolio of predictive analytics.

Create more intelligent, secure and scalable network

You want a network that easily adapt to increasing data demands and customer expectations. By leveraging competencies in cloud, security and analytics, you can drive greater convergence of network and IT, simplify support and reduce costs.

Our team of expert consultants have worked with high performance Service Providers to not only better manage costs, but also to launch new service offerings. We leverage this experience to help you assess the bigger picture on day one. Our skills and knowledge capital give you the insight into defining a solution that delivers the quickest path to value, at the lowest possible cost.

MSO / Satellite Providers

Proven expertise with the complex network environments of todays MSO and commercial satellite industries.

MSO / Satellite Providers

We understand that it is paramount to have 100% up-time to be able to earn and retain customers.

Wireless / Wireline

Integrate and automate the management of network infrastructure to improve service delivery.

Wireless / Wireline

Assure high-quality services. Provide visibility and infrastructure control, and drive operational cost.

Business Service Providers

Effectively deliver and manage IT infrastructure and services to help clients lower costs and improve agility.

Business Service Providers

Optimized IT staff and user productivity through better allocation of resources, manpower and skill sets.


Improve responsiveness to market dynamics and new customer requirements.


Optimize resource utilization, enhance organizational adaptability.

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