Gen-E Supports Google in Advancing SDN Technology

gen-E, a leading Service Assurance solutions company for Service Providers and companies with large, complex networks, commented today on Google’s recent release of in-house SDN (software-defined networking) technology that is designed to provide more robust and agile network usage than hardware-driven server solutions.

The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Google’s announcement at ACM SIGCOMM 2015 international conference reported that Google is openly sharing their networking technology. Expert in delivering risk-reduction tools to industries highly dependent on large, networked critical systems, gen-E discussed the critical importance of network monitoring when transitioning from hardware-driven systems to SDN solutions.

“Google’s latest technology development in software-defined networking represents a significant transition for future network systems of industry leaders that follow their lead, “said Marc Hayden, gen-E Vice President. “As companies dependent on large-scale data distribution embrace this more efficient, cost-effective and agile technology, a smooth migration from hardware-driven systems to software-defined solutions is critical,” said Marc Hayden, gen-E Vice President.

“gen-E Ops Center is designed to help companies manage complex technology migration and integration plans between interdependent carriers.”

gen-E’s suite of products and services, including our recently announced gen-E Ops Center, are designed to help companies manage complex technology migration and integration plans between interdependent carriers, Wireline hardware-related network factors and complex wireless software integration. Our tools help customers manage and monitor new programs and services while ensuring that customer downtime is eliminated,” Hayden stated.

As reported by Rachel King for the Wall Street Journal, “Google recognizes that others are starting to encounter the networking challenges faced by large-scale Web companies. As companies begin to handle Big Data and analytics in their own data centers, they’re faced with providing a data center network that can scale to handle the traffic.’

“While Google might have faced some of these challenges earlier, everyone is faced with these kinds of issues now,” said Google Fellow Dr. Amin Vahdat during his ACM SIGCOMM 2015 conference presentation. “The amount of bandwidth you need within the data center to process through all of your data is enormous and growing.”

“Most industries dependent of 24/7 network uptime, like telecommunication and satellite service providers, already require risk-reduction tools and near real-time monitoring to ensure greater visibility, control and automation of their data and operational systems,” Hayden added. “This need will become even more important as companies transition from vendor switches and hardware-dedicated systems to self-sustained data centers and SDN.”

With gen-E’s leading-edge history of managing and monitoring disparate systems, the Service Assurance solutions company understands that industries highly dependent on large-scale networks risk high levels of business disruption from many potential points of failure.

gen-E’s expertise in the complex network industry has matched the industry’s growing needs with products like the gen-E Ops Center which provides critical near real-time visibility of connectivity and performance by rapidly pinpointing root causes for outages with network, accessibility and connector monitoring.

As a leading Service Assurance solutions company for Service Providers and companies with large, complex networks, gen-E enables clients to dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver higher quality service by providing greater visibility, control and automation of their operational systems.

gen-E offers network and systems solutions to better manage a broad spectrum of service industry infrastructures, employing their own custom solutions (gen-E Ops Center), as well as the top-ranked IBM’s suite of Tivoli ® Netcool ®/OMNIbus products, among others, to provide a singular view into the health and performance of a customer’s entire IT and business infrastructure, integrating and consolidating tools and events across business, data center and network operations.

As an IBM Premiere Partner with the highest number of IBM AAA accreditations and IBM Tivoli certifications in the competitive field, gen-E has deep industry knowledge and extensive experience servicing regional and Fortune 500 companies across the North America and EMEA.

gen-E is a part of The Lotus Innovations fund portfolio of enterprise technology companies focused on provided Enterprise IT Professional services and products as Saas-based solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide.

Powered by IBM® Netcool, the number one Service Management software, gen-E Ops Center provides enhanced fault management developed specifically for Service Providers, based on best-of-breed industry standards. gen-E empowers clients to seamlessly assimilate acquisitions, as well as roll out network upgrades and services in a controlled, systematic, and efficient manner. Scaling business for Service Providers without scaling infrastructure is a key element of gen-E’s solutions.

The Lotus Innovations Fund, located in Irvine, California, is a private equity fund focused on transforming Enterprise IT Professional Services companies into SaaS-based companies. By operationalizing a repeatable process with Lotus Innovations’ proprietary methodology and embedded management, the fund creates a new paradigm that accelerates growth and valuations.

In 2014, the company launched The Lotus Innovations Fund with an oversubscribed round of financing and expanded its portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures. In 2015, the Fund added another portfolio company and moved to new space needed to accommodate job growth.

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