gen-E Protects Downtime and Reduces Customer Churn During Telecommunication Network Transitions

Critical Gaps in Network Availability Create Challenges for Service Providers

gen-E, a worldwide leader in IBM Systems Management software, professional and managed services, commented today on recent industry activities that risk leaving thousands of mobile customers isolated from network access as service providers transition their network infrastructures from legacy systems to prepare for next-gen capabilities. Expert in delivering risk-reduction tools for the telecommunications industry, gen-E discussed the path to ensure uninterrupted service and reduce customer churn caused by service outages from network cutovers.

Telecommunications service providers risk high levels of customer churn during network transitions when services are temporarily unavailable. Industry news released July 6 by Frontier in a FCC filing about their cutover transition plans with Verizon to ensure customer coverage follows press coverage in June of the network transition problems reported by T-Mobile when over 190,000 customers were at risk as T-Mobile turned off the MetroPCS market shutdowns in Dallas, Miami and New York City.

“With increased activity in network mergers and system consolidations, many service providers face high risks of long-term losses from customer churn if network availability falls short of customer’s expectations for 24/7 access”, said Christian Mack, gen-E CEO. “As recent industry news has demonstrated, failure to manage a smooth transition can impact customer trust, company reputation, and FCC guidelines.”

According to the news released by Frontier, their FCC filing included over 140 individual functional cutover plans. Each of the plans lay out the business and system deliverables for which Verizon and Frontier will be responsible and the processes for extracting data and transferring the data from Verizon to Frontier.

“gen-E’s suite of product and service solutions, including our recently announced gen-E Ops Center, are designed to help companies manage complex cutover plans during mergers and transitions like those described in Frontier’s FCC filing. Our tools help service providers roll own new programs and services while ensuring that customer downtime is eliminated,” Mack stated.

“gen-E’s tools help service providers roll own new programs and services while ensuring that 24/7 customer uptime is maintained.”

“Clearly, some companies want to stay ahead of the problem and meet FCC requirements for customer connectivity,” Mack added. “But it requires more than offering new service options to existing customers. The most essential element of any network transition is a well-architected network plan that manages rapid roll-out of new services while maintaining 24/7 uptime of existing services.”

gen-E’s expertise in the wireless industry has matched the industry’s growing needs with products like the gen-E Ops Center which provides critical near real-time visibility of connectivity and performance by rapidly pinpointing root causes for outages with network, accessibility and connector monitoring.


As a Network Systems Management Solutions company for Service Providers and Enterprise companies, gen-E helps clients dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver higher quality service by providing greater visibility, control and automation of their operational systems.

gen-E offers network and systems solutions to better manage a broad spectrum of service industry infrastructures, employing their own custom solutions (gen-E Ops Center), as well as the top-ranked IBM’s suite of Tivoli ® Netcool ®/OMNIbus products, among others, to provide a singular view into the health and performance of a customer’s entire IT and business infrastructure, integrating and consolidating tools and events across business, data center and network operations.

As an IBM Premiere Partner with the highest number of IBM AAA accreditations and IBM Tivoli certifications in the competitive field, gen-E has deep industry knowledge and extensive experience servicing regional and Fortune 500 companies across the North America and EMEA.

gen-E offers five business product and service solutions to Service Providers and Enterprise companies across five discrete categories. With the gen-E Ops Center solution leading a full suite of offerings, gen-E provides critical reports for customers to best forecast, plan for profitability, financially consolidate and strategically manage their business effectively.

gen-E is a part of The Lotus Innovations fund portfolio of enterprise technology companies focused on provided Enterprise IT Professional services and products as Saas-based solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide.


The Lotus Innovations Fund, located in Irvine, California, is a private equity fund focused on transforming Enterprise IT Professional Services companies into SaaS-based companies. By operationalizing a repeatable process with Lotus Innovations’ proprietary methodology and embedded management, the fund creates a new paradigm that accelerates growth and valuations.

In 2014, the company launched The Lotus Innovations Fund with an oversubscribed round of financing and expanded its portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures. In 2015, the Fund added another portfolio company and moved to new space needed to accommodate job growth.


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