gen-E™ Ops Center Provides Answers to Pay-TV and Telecom Service Providers, as Focus Shifts to Customer Satisfaction Amid Merger Mania

The gen-E Ops Center is the first software solution designed to provide real-time predictive Network Operations insights to maximize service quality and network uptime against industry standards.

Irvine – CA, June 5, 2015 –  gen-E, a worldwide leader for Service Provider Network Management solutions (e.g. Telecom, MSO, Pay-TV, and ISPs), responded today to news from the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) latest report that places Pay-TV and Internet Service providers in last place of all industries it measures, mainly due to poor customer service and higher prices.

ACSI reports that mergers and acquisitions tend to lower customer satisfaction in the short term. According to Christian Mack, Founder and CEO of gen-E, “The stress on the Service Providers’ networks during an acquisition or merger can lead to network outages which are devastating to providers. Network outages and poor customer service can trigger customers to ‘cut the cord’. With the gen-E Ops Center Solution, we work with some of the largest and most innovative Service Providers around the globe to assure that mission critical applications never go down.”

Mack adds “Because the gen-E Ops Center captures, correlates and analyzes all of the network data in real time, it is able to provide predictive insights into the impact of day-to-day Network Operations Center (NOC) operations on both service quality and operating expenses. Our clients have experienced substantial improvements to network uptime and the ability to launch new services. That has a measurable impact on customer satisfaction and profit.”

Powered by IBM® Netcool, the number one Service Management software, gen-E Ops Center provides enhanced fault management developed specifically for Service Providers, based on best-of-breed industry standards. gen-E empowers clients to seamlessly assimilate acquisitions, as well as roll out network upgrades and services in a controlled, systematic, and efficient manner. Scaling business for Service Providers without scaling infrastructure is a key element of gen-E’s solutions.

About gen-E

gen-E offers the most scalable network and system solutions for service providers, leveraging innovative technologies such as IBM Netcool Systems Management and other solutions, so that clients can scale their business without scaling their infrastructure. With a focus on improving service availability, quality, and operational efficiency, gen-E leverages 16 years of network management expertise to maintain 24/7 network uptime and prevent loss of service to customers. By enhancing internal collaboration and workflow, gen-E helps customers accelerate the launch of new services and significantly improve customer service through more efficient processes.

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